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Electricity is now present in all working areas: agriculture, services, construction, education, culture, sports, science, etc. However, most often we can find it in industry, where the people produce for the progress and for a better life.

Chorus is a company providing complete electrical solutions for energy and automation technologies, with a vast experience in the field and with generous intentions for the future.

We are consistent with our objectives: keeping the customer satisfied, the continuing education and the passionate teamwork will bring the change. These principles lay at the basis of our collaboration offer.

The benefits of our collaboration:

  • technical consulting in selecting the electrical equipment;
  • design services in the electrical field at any installed capacity and at any voltage level;
  • manufacturing and commissioning of any type of electrical systems;
  • service and maintenance for the electrical installations;
  • application software development;
  • automations with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), intelligent relays, DSPs (Digital Signal Processors), etc.;
  • efficient solutions for the optimization of the electrical energy consumption, as the saved energy is the cheapest energy;
  • delivery of equipment.

Chorus provides Quality and Energetic Efficiency for all applications in the electric field.

Chorus - IMELCO member

CHORUS Marketing and Distribution s.r.l. from Romania is a new member of IMELCO as of January 1st, 2020.

IMELCO is the largest marketing group of independent electrical wholesalers in the world with 1,180 members in 22 countries.

Headquartered in Brussels, IMELCO is a member-owned group of electrical wholesaler organizations across Europe, Australia, Russia and North America. Established more than 25 years ago, IMELCO brings business partners from 22 countries to one table, enabling the exchange of experiences and facilitating a common framework for the success of individual members and the group at large.

IMELCO is present in the Romanian market already since 2006. Now Chorus' expertise ideally contributes to the coverage of the Romanian market and strengthens the presence of IMELCO's international network in Europe.

IMELCO is expecting advantages emerging from the partnership too, says Managing Director Elena Reignier: "We are looking forward to expanding our presence in the Romanian market with Chorus in the future to reenforce the position of independent electrical wholesalers."

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