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About Chorus

Electricity is now present in all working areas: agriculture, services, construction, education, culture, sports, science, etc. However, most often we can find it in industry, where the people produce for the progress and for a better life.

Chorus is a company providing complete electrical solutions for energy and automation technologies, with a vast experience in the field and with generous intentions for the future.

We are consistent with our objectives: keeping the customer satisfied, the continuing education and the passionate teamwork will bring the change. These principles lay at the basis of our collaboration offer.

The benefits of our collaboration:

  • technical consulting in selecting the electrical equipment;
  • design services in the electrical field at any installed capacity and at any voltage level;
  • manufacturing and commissioning of any type of electrical systems;
  • service and maintenance for the electrical installations;
  • application software development;
  • automations with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), intelligent relays, DSPs (Digital Signal Processors), etc.;
  • efficient solutions for the optimization of the electrical energy consumption, as the saved energy is the cheapest energy;
  • delivery of equipment.

Chorus provides Quality and Energetic Efficiency for all applications in the electric field.