Based on the experience acquired, we perform electrical installation works for our customers:

  • electrical distribution (distribution panels in universal or functional format);
  • electrical drives at constant or variable speed, DC or AC, low or average voltage;
  • industrial automations with PLCs, intelligent relays or classical relays and/or operator panels;
  • monitoring systems (SCADA) with industrial or standard PCs;
  • process instrumentation for temperature, pressure, flow rate, movement, etc.;
  • weighing and metering installations;
  • lighting systems for industrial houses, parkings, access routes, architectural monuments;
  • power metering and remote data transfer by wire or radio;
  • lifting systems - bridge cranes, hoisting cranes with a classical or radio control;
  • etc.

These types of works are intended for the following fields:

  • metallurgical industry: primary areas (agglomerating plants, coke plants, blast furnaces), processing areas (steel works, casting houses, cold and hot rolling mills, galvanizing lines, thermal treatment furnaces, welded pipe installations);
  • food industry (electrical bread ovens, biscuit processing lines);
  • building materials industry (polystyrene installations, dry wall installations);
  • timber industry (board cutting and butt joining installations, veneer cutting machines);
  • textile industry (textile measuring machine);
  • etc.